Saturday, December 24, 2011



5.2013 REWORK:

You were on the morning plane and now

here too. In your tall jeans mostly walking
with swaying hips that still have not quite
forgotten his gait.

Our dreadlocked and tatted barkeep’s been divined
here just for these Missoula clans. Full of loud
bragging to Tall-Jeans and the rest of us of how
she surprises her home-diners and more genteel
over-night guests with the use of her pistols.

Her boots scuff from behind the bar in 4-day wrinkled
jeans. Pulling pints and chatting me up as if I
regularly squatted here just to watch her weave
Bloody Mary whirligigs for those with higher expectations.

My calendar returns me to the Rhino and Calamity Jane; still
throwing words and beer around just as Jeans and some
guy dismount their stools and glide away. Jane keeps
up the pace for me and a few grizzled drinkers
staring at the bar taps, frozen by their own personal Medusa.

A caterpillar’s lush life in the Rhino’s wooden
cocoon, where everyone waits on change
of some kind in
Big Sky Country.


You were on the plane and now here too tall
and mostly walking in your jeans with hips
that are still not done with him yet.

a dred-locked and tatted barkeep has been divined
here to the clans here in Missoula loud bragging to
tall Jeans and her friend how she surprises future
diners and genteel over-night guests with her guns.

Boots scuffing behind the bar in 4 day wrinkled jeans she pulls pints
and weaves Bloody Mary whirly-gigs for those with
higher expectations. She chats me as if I regularly sat here.

Me and November found Calamity Jane still throwing
words and beer at jeans and maybe the same guy
atop their stools performing for a few grizzled drinkers
staring at the bar taps frozen by their personal Medusa.

Caterpillar lush-life in the Rhino cocoon
as everyone waits on change of some kind
in Big Sky Country


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Noted-You all and others have now fallen away to lick your wounds

Consider Newt Gingrich
whose past reads as one large glitch
unethical speaker and spurner of spouse's
we pray you're never elected to any of Washington's houses.


Herman Cain
Was thrown out of the game
He revealed he paid with financial assistance
for years of groping and unwelcome persistence.


Dearest Michelle Bachman
Surely the President smiles when you mock him
You seem so sincere while the camera's are on
Such a shame what you spout is so factually wrong.


Oh Sarah Palin
As a maverick your failin'
You travel by bus and on Fox you talk trash
You won't run for office cuz you love the cizash


Governor Rick Perry
Your impersonation of "W" is scarey
If we noted the wisdom you shared in the debate
It would read like a small and very blank slate.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter's Jilt

  naked maple trees
dream of their many feathered
  summertime lovers



  December lights
guide many homeward
 yet again


Saturday, December 3, 2011


  whited pond-
geese waddle on your
  marbled water



  smaller kisses-
the empty gift boxes
  are neatly kept




  whitened peaks
my father gazes towards



I do not know
  your code