Saturday, October 26, 2013


     lying here awake
  I hear a falling apple
     -it's tired hand let go

Green Giants

   needles, bark and cones
suit the giant sequoia
   - no flowers for them

Point of view

   swimming far below
minnows watch the floating geese
  - fishing boats with feet

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last job in Anaconda

Asphalt lanes follow the tracks
up past the old Indian school.
Steel rails sleep in their orange
stain of no trains and no ore
to feed Anaconda’s stack.

The tunneled mines of Butte were flooded
long ago and it drove this mighty
smelter cold. Its molten Friday wage
no longer flows nor pays the bills:
the furnace, dreams and workers gone,
their debts still pinned to its chest.

Nothing comes here now except
winter and its hungry Bighorn;
nothing stays here but the gritty
rainbowed puddles of melted snow.

The smokeless stack atop the slag
heap keeps its wearied watch.
The aged sexton tending to
the graves, yet to dig his final
plot and mark the job as done.

The money days are lost,
the work and families shorn.
Tonight’s clean-faces buying
the tavern beer will never hang
along these walls of smelted glory.

The only lights in town flash:

On the Road
Drive Slow

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Big Top

Dallas is dark and almost still, 
trying to stay asleep.
I have never been here at 4am 
wheeling down this empty highway, 
it feels I'm somewhere
more Midwestern and 1950's.

The greatest show on earth has quit
the town it seems. A weary circus stuffed
its costumed dogs and pacing lions, 
acrobats and even the tiny car full
of clowns back into their crates
and trunks and bright railcars; 
the wheels turn to leave.

The loud red Barnum and Bailey 
signs silently mouth to me, 
“We hope you come next year.”

My eyes nod to each silver car 
unconsciously in search of 
a giraffe head or two poking through
the roof, a dangled elephant trunk,
or the bearded lady brushing
out her wavy hair.

Abandoning these tracks,
this lost Edward Hopper scene
rolls away to somewhere else. 
A clown face finishes his cigarette, 
flicks it out the window
and resumes his pose.