Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monks Work

  humble prayerful  hands
unfolding the months anew
  -flower-budded  branch 


  humble prayers
budding the branches
  the months unfold again 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Maggies only trick

   what is on your mind
walking with your silver bowl 
 -it does not translate

The R

   sketching and stretching
he the free-heeling cragsman
 framed Bimidji Bill

& the N

l.     a laugh so hard that it made
    her keys run and hide
     the shopping list knows no rest

(reverse meter)

ll.         her fingers love crisp packages
   old summer camp songs
    plump blueberries and dogs

(reverse meter) 



    her fingers love crisp packages
  old summer camp songs,
    plump blueberries and dogs.
   she laughs so hard that it made
  her keys run and hide.
   -the shopping list knows no rest.

   She’s so careful of the world
  as it passes by;
   it’s the best she ever had!


  sweet morning notes
polished by your finger tips
  while I word jumble

My Bunker Mate

  love that knows no rest
she keeps things and us so well
  Oh my dear Nanette


  the wet wind finds me
searching for today's lost news
  later than usual

Lunch to go



  carrots, nuts and ham 
only half a day at school
 your hours are numbered


  oh, banger of pans
card-dealer, stitcher, and clerk
  tweak your nose at us