Thursday, May 30, 2013


  old tree's watch the beach
and its many fallen logs
  -bowing with the wind


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  wind chooses blindly
guarding the flame with my hand
  between pain and light

 the blind wind chooses
guarding the flame with my hand
  between light and pain

Parted Heavens

  sky blue robin's egg
releases a beating heart
  to the world beyond

POV change

  robin's-egg blue sky
releases my beating heart
  to the world beyond

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reflected Beauty

  waving in the breeze
summer roses  bloom again
  upon our windows

Writers group

  raindrops give voice to
wheels hissing along the roads
  -wet scribblers today

Joyful skies

  a morning in thought
above the lavender clouds
  waves of singing geese

Monday, May 13, 2013

Days not Lived

Nights with our chimera's enrobed in
mirrored thought or living days all dreamt.
To sleep and dream or walk and dream,
in which do we awaken?

Is the story told in our work or in what we’ve really done
with heart, head and hand grasping the true Divine,
or a sweetened simulacrum?

A contorted world of closeness draws us near
but dare we really touch? An acted kiss on not true lips
or caress of a lovers lissome body cannot arouse
as the promised heart so dear

Reading faces with quickened pulse or hearts led
by others pens, lives to be lived  and stories known;
the truth foretold or a fabled future yet.

 If we just bit and not thought of what would be
the flavor of the peach; just reached out
and snapped its small stem from the branch
while it was pungent ripe and ready

Tales compost upon the page of the fallen
bruised and rotten. The thought of and remembered
pale dearly to the tasted and forgotten.

When Company Comes

Tomorrow I will be at the table when company comes
you will hear my stomach growl and my nails will be unclean.
I have waited for this meal with you a long time but
you won't understand anything I say.

Don't breath too deep nor wish my hair to be combed
Yes water is fine, though my hands will not take time to butter the bread
The guest that draws the short straw will sit pale next to me
and will only think they are uncomfortable
when I begin to wash their feet before mine.

I will speak of kids that hustle on the streets, crazy voices, the
dealers and how we could love the street-bound a little more
than they can hope for. You'll need to read between the lines for what I really hunger for.
All the coins begged for on street corners will never fill
the deep hole that so many are digging.

You are all that I have-
It will just be easier if you just think I'm not looking for
dignity on tomorrows menu.

The View from 5B

3A and 4B are swappin' stories about Alaska and Montana and the regions and towns
and products that they sold  there and the issues they had
and the fella's that they knew so very long ago.

These new guys now, they don't want to put the time in and
they don't know the people and they don't know the territory

You gotta work the territory,
You gotta know the territory if you want to get ahead!

And the blades start a turnin' and the engines cough to life
and here we go again. Yes the turbines kick them faster
and we buckle up our belts cause Portland's getting closer
to our tired droopy faces and our small cups of beer.

Our shirts and skirts and our food show pants, reek of
over cooked bacon and burgers and of country style fries
with our trade show feet we keep shufflin' down the aisle
wishing that we were younger and shorter and lighter than we are.

 We are all in our seats and buckled low and tight
the cups recycled and the tables are stowed for the final approach
soon we're back on the ground and choosing new seats
on this funny carrousel , oh  the ride never ends.

Mornings Resuscitation

Up from the steps it slunk into our morning’s peace.
I spied the flash, then a glint of bruised gray in her eyes,
As its chill blew across my cup the news story's corpse
crawled up the right side of Maddy's face,

I folded its throat neatly under, it let go and fell to the floor;
disappearing among wisps of dog hair and bread crumbs
and lost coffee grounds. Our morning regained its seat,
and settled back in with the comics.

Mutts and Red and Rover start over with jumbled words,
and 24 down and across. Uncle Russ' sketch is discovered from last night,
tucked neatly under one arm of a refrigerator magnet; its Earl the rabbit
again, sporting his wry smile and classic bendy ears.

A spark of a "thank you" prayer rises from the corner of my eye
for the sleight of hand that saved her thoughts from dread,
buried in the recycling with no afforded rites. You’re not to share
our peaceful hour! She doesn’t need to know you yet.

Maddy’s fingers find the piano and Bach’s Prelude fills the house.
An unwrapped gift just for me
to stay the day, long after she is gone.
She is playing still, when I close my eyes just right.

Mi Cafe

This  creaky bistro chair make my heart beat just a bit
slower as the days travelog quietly scrolls by up on
the wall. Ivory-ed linen courtesies are exchanged
one hand to another with a softness hard to find.

It seems to be evening now in Prague  and
almost noon at Machu Picchu. Later Big Ben's face
peeks through the morning fog over the Thames,
over-coated pedestrians pass perfectly on cue.
All seems so right with this captured world.

There are no understudies nor enmity among the movies
cast, over who got top billing or the role of a life time,
or who was caught from their worst angle. It is all
silent for them,  no lines to rehearse.They just walk by
on their way to forever.

No slap of the clapperboards and the gaffer was not hired,
the cameraman was not fussy, the shadows and lights au nature,
 but oh, the craft service menu is so good on this side
of the screen, hand made just for me.

The gentle mist of companionship sifts down over all of us
with our pastry scented accents, smiles of cappuccino and scones
a flat-capped barista whispers welcome back home to me with but a nod
every time I lift the brass latch. The old road home again please.

Sunny Relativity

  here comes that ol' sun

through shimmering  myrtle leaves

  -why you gone so long?